Thursday, September 8, 2011

Why are short weeks the longest...

I promise, I thought yesterday was Thursday.  I kept mentally planning things like it was Thursday, even though I 'knew' it was Wednesday.  Today seems like deja vu...ugh!

I did want to share a response to yesterdays post that came via Facebook.  This is a friend of mine, and the mother of one of the girls wanting to do the animal rescue center with my daughter.

I was so hoping that you would have that funding for the animal shelter! I have explained to all three of the girls that they need a real job to support this animal shelter. Your's is going to be a vet, mine and Hannah are going to be marine biologists. I am so glad they have already decided what they want to do in life. I am 38 and still not sure what I want to be when I grow up! But at last, we know how they are going to get the funding. With all of the money that Bryson will be making modeling underwear, he would love to give some to his sister.

So much for everyone feeling sorry for me when my son starts showing off in his underwear...they are trying to cash in!  LOL!

Nothing exciting going on here.  The weather has been nice, which now means I have no excuse to not start jogging again...ugh!  The countdown is's only 11 weeks to Thanksgiving.  Crazy how time flies!

Today is a crazy day again.  Karate and girl scouts.  I think the boys are fending for themselves, so I should only have to worry about Brianna though.  Nice!

Happy Thursday!

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