Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Just another day

Glad Monday is over.  Not because it was horrible, but just because it was Monday!

I do enjoy the fact that we do not have anything in the afternoons/evenings on Monday, so the kids and I did nothing.  They got to play and I got to read...wonderful evening!

Tuesday starts chaos with trying to get all of the homework done before we have to be at karate for Bryson.  Most of the time it ends up that Brianna has to do her homework at karate, but she doesn't seem to mind.

Bryson previewed the Master's Training Program Saturday:

Bryson working the Kamas

He really liked it, but I'm just not feeling signing another 3 year contract.  He's only 8 and still has 1 1/2 years left on his current contract.  I think he's a little disappointed, but he hasn't told me that.  I would have to commit to another contract, more money, and more hours at the karate center.  He keeps wanting to play baseball, so I think his interest is changing a bit and I'm not taking that chance!

The kids tried to convince me to let them take another bath in my tub last night.  They were regulars all weekend...Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!  This is what that fun looks like:

There is water under there...

Tonight David is going fishing and won't be home til like 3am, so I'm thinking after karate we're getting our toes done again.  The pedicures we got 3 weeks ago don't look as good anymore...plus it's so relaxing!

Brianna's feet on top

So, bring it on Tuesday...we've got plans!

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