Thursday, March 1, 2012

February is Over...

You's easy to try to rationalize things to yourself...make excuses...whatever you want to call it.

The truth is always easier though, because I really know the truth.

So, truth of the matter is...I was lazy this month!  Didn't exercise like I should have, didn't eat well (sickness backed this point up), and just have lacked motivation.

There are consequences to all choices, so...the scale showed it this month.  Gain for the month of February!

I'm not worried about it, just needed to be honest with myself.

I am in the middle of accomplishing some personal goals related to eating/drinking and I know that the results of that will be positive (hopefully negative on the scale though).

I feel stressed and unmotivated and I need to find the root of these problems so that I can overcome them.