Thursday, May 31, 2012

Veganism and self-discovery?!

"Veganism is more than a lifestyle; it is one of the many inner quests to self-discovery."

I love to hear and know how others became Vegan, and this girls story and perspective are beautifully written. 

An Invitation to Self-Discovery through a Vegan Lifestyle

Austin, TX

No reason to have a desire to go here...except this girls blog post makes me feel like I'm missing something!

If you're Vegan and headed to Austin, this!

How do you know if someone is Vegan?

So, not sure how anyone else feels about this.

I disagree!

I usually do not tell anyone that I'm Vegan and especially not right off the bat.  Most people find out because someone else told them.  Others find out because it is a food situation or food discussion and so many questions are asked that I just have to tell them.  Others find out because of my business Eat4Health.

This being said, I still tend to call myself a Vegetarian because most people *think* they know what this means and the word Vegan in itself usually raises more questions.

Just a thought

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Vegan is Love

Controversy...I love it!  I must get this book.

Vegan is Love by Ruby Roth

So, that being said...I have NOT read it yet.

I've seen so much 'chatter' about how the cover is so cheerful and there is 'love' in the title, but how that is a deception.

The book apparently shows children (aimed at 6+) wounded animals, lab animals, slaughter houses, and the circus.

Apparently this is a BAD thing?!

Keeping the truth from children?

I don't raise my kids like this!  I'm honest with them.

Why shouldn't they know about animal cruelty and the effect of factory farming on the environment?

Then there is the 'vegan' side of it and how that is not healthy for kids...really?!

Education is key, and I'm not opposed to educating my children on reality and healthy eating!

Just my opinion.

I'll let you know what I think about the book when I get it!