Monday, November 21, 2011


I saw a quote/statement today that I loved!

Everyday is a gift...Mondays are a gag gift!  So appropriate.

Especially today.

I'm supposed to be off for 9 consecutive days, but guess what?!  I'm at work...vacation interrupted by a Monday of all days.


It is currently 8:10 and my class should have started at 8am, and guess what?!  No instructor to be found...great!

It's definitely Monday!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Catching Up

It's already Thursday.  It's amazing that the week can be almost over, but drag by all at the same time.  Don't ask me to explain that one!

I miss my previous weekend!

I took some time for me :)  Now, granted, nothing went according to plan...but that did not surprise me!

Saturday morning I left for Atlanta.  I had plans to go here:

Visit our Store Front in Atlanta, GA

...which I did, and finally bought some of this:


I also bought a copy of this book:

Which I had actually forgotten about until this moment.  So, needless to say I haven't started reading it yet!

For lunch, I made a trip here:

And had the summer rolls, sushi rolls, and crispy dumplings pictured below:

My intent was to attend a RAW foods cooking class being offered at this same location, but that didn't happen.  The class was canceled.

So, I did a little shopping and got a pedicure :)

I stayed the night close to the airport.  One to get out of the city center, and two I just like the planes in the night sky.  I stayed at the Renaissance Hotel:

The view was fabulous, picture doesn't do it justice.  I was on the 10th floor and left the full window open the whole time I was there:

Sunday, I relaxed (since nothing opened until after lunch) and then went to the mall for more shopping.  Left empty handed and drove home!

So, not much accomplished, but only had to look out for me :)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Ever had something on your mind...

...that you don't understand or know how to express...

I had one of those moments, and it was exactly about what is in this post!

No coincidence, simply amazing!

New Powers Await You