Monday, February 27, 2012

Vegan Birthday Cake

So, normally I don't get to participate in 'birthday cake'.
I must admit that it was nice to indulge Saturday at my sons birthday party (plus it was my birthday as well).
He's not a typical sweet eater, and I like the kids to decide what they like...and this year, all his choices were Vegan.
So, Friday Vegan Chocolate Chip cookies at school...
Saturday, I made Vegan Chocolate Chip Cake.


Friday, February 17, 2012

Ahhh S***!

Not really, but stay tuned for the story...

I have high expectations of my kids.  I know this.  How they should behave, use their manners, act at the dinner table, etc.

So, not that last night was a 'normal' dinner.  Everyone was preparing and going to eat their own thing, and of course I was the last one still in the kitchen while David and the kids were at the table.

Much to my disappointment, they would not stop laughing and playing.  I mean not just having a good time, but pretty rowdy and disruptive.  I know we were home, but we were still at the dinner table, and I was not happy.  I even made a comment about how I should've gone ahead and ran to the ATM because I didn't want to be at the table with them.

Well, Bryson has a way to get to me, and you NEVER know what's going to come out of his mouth.

So, he says "Ahhhh, defecate!"

Here's to learning the 'official' word to things...have I ever mentioned how you should never hope/pray for smart kids, that's a whole story!

So, he succeeded, I laughed til I cried.  David looked at me and said, "Really Mom?, do I need to send you to the bank now?"

I'll be glad when Bryson is done with steroids! :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

So excited to read this!


Everyone gets cravings right?  I know some people crave sweets, some people crave salty, etc.

I like spicy food.

So, of all of the flavors I miss since going Vegan, it's hot buffalo sauce.  I mean, what can you really eat this on that makes sense?!

Earthfare is a lifesaver!  Soy Delight Vegan Buffalo Nuggets are soooo addicting and delicious.

I don't even care how they make them, what sauce, etc.  This is my processed faux meat weakness AND I didn't have to make it...maybe that's why it tastes so good.

I try to limit myself to once a week, but I promise you I could eat them everyday.

My family enjoys them as well, which includes two meat-eaters, so they must really be good :)

Vegan Blog Network

So, looking at blog stats today (nerdy, I know) and I see this:
Traffic Sources
I didn't even know I was listed as a participating blog yet. 
How cool is this?!
I'm excited to learn something new and expand on my knowledge!

Back to normal

I'm not sure what 'normal' is, and I know that it's different for everyone.  For the sake of the word though, today should be 'back to normal' for me.

Tuesday I left work early because my son was sick...that turned into running around town, doctors visit, Rx, right?!

Then yesterday (Wednesday) he had to stay home again, so that meant I stayed home with him.  Just getting out of routine seems to mess things up.

I'm not going to call it an unproductive day though because I cleaned out my closet and clothes, did laundry, and cleaned the car.

I do like the 'normal' days though.  Things are more predictable AND that means my baby is feeling better!

I mentioned that I cleaned my car, right?  So, of course it's raining today...should've known!

The kids and I watched Breaking Dawn Part 1 last night.  I was questioning my decision, but apparently they don't understand the subtleties and 'it was really cool' (their words, not mine).  All in all, I think we're good.

We survived Valentine's Day with my daughter and boyfriend.  I was hoping that since this is 5th grade it would be seamless, and it was...whew!

The steroids that my son is on for the croup treatment keep him jacked up, which is so not like him.  I got some videos of him dancing...they are priceless. 

I'm going to try to post them.


I'm Sexy and I Know It (take 1)

I'm Sexy and I Know It (take 2)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day me?  It will be an interesting one.  Leaving in a bit so that I can take my youngest to the doctor.  Fever, chest hurting, cough...what fun!  We've been battling croup-like symptoms for about 2 weeks now, both his cousins have viral lung, I'm not really surprised...but I don't have to like it.

On a positive note...I get to love on my little man a bit extra today :)

Sunday, I got to as well...
This was us just relaxing Sunday.

We had been up since about 3am, sat outside on the porch in the cold...trying to get his breathing under control.

Way to bond, right?!

So, for Valentine's...I want my baby to feel better!

My daughter will have this Valentine's with her first boyfriend?!  Where does the time go?
(Oh, and for family/friends that are reading don't know about the boyfriend! Deal?!)
She decided against something 'special' and is simply giving him a regular valentine card since he's not in her class and would not have gotten one from her...I told her that was still special :)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Giving back

You never know when someone needs something. 

I've always believed that if nothing else can be given, a smile can be shared.  It could mean the world to someone.

Today is Monday...I was tired, didn't feel all that well, running late, coffee pot decided not to know, it was just one of those days!  I could feel it affecting my mood and tone for the day.

I decided to stop to get coffee (since my coffee pot wouldn't work).  Pull up to the window to pay and the lady says, "the guy in front of you paid for yours, he said to tell you to have a blessed day."  How awesome is that, it made me smile. 

In turn, I paid for the lady behind me.

So, tone for the day was made better by a random stranger in the drive-thru.  He didn't even know, but I am thankful for his selfless act of kindness.

Bring it on Monday!