Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

...to me?  It will be an interesting one.  Leaving in a bit so that I can take my youngest to the doctor.  Fever, chest hurting, cough...what fun!  We've been battling croup-like symptoms for about 2 weeks now, both his cousins have viral lung infections...so, I'm not really surprised...but I don't have to like it.

On a positive note...I get to love on my little man a bit extra today :)

Sunday, I got to as well...
This was us just relaxing Sunday.

We had been up since about 3am, sat outside on the porch in the cold...trying to get his breathing under control.

Way to bond, right?!

So, for Valentine's...I want my baby to feel better!

My daughter will have this Valentine's with her first boyfriend?!  Where does the time go?
(Oh, and for family/friends that are reading this...you don't know about the boyfriend! Deal?!)
She decided against something 'special' and is simply giving him a regular valentine card since he's not in her class and would not have gotten one from her...I told her that was still special :)

Happy Valentine's Day!

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