Friday, February 17, 2012

Ahhh S***!

Not really, but stay tuned for the story...

I have high expectations of my kids.  I know this.  How they should behave, use their manners, act at the dinner table, etc.

So, not that last night was a 'normal' dinner.  Everyone was preparing and going to eat their own thing, and of course I was the last one still in the kitchen while David and the kids were at the table.

Much to my disappointment, they would not stop laughing and playing.  I mean not just having a good time, but pretty rowdy and disruptive.  I know we were home, but we were still at the dinner table, and I was not happy.  I even made a comment about how I should've gone ahead and ran to the ATM because I didn't want to be at the table with them.

Well, Bryson has a way to get to me, and you NEVER know what's going to come out of his mouth.

So, he says "Ahhhh, defecate!"

Here's to learning the 'official' word to things...have I ever mentioned how you should never hope/pray for smart kids, that's a whole story!

So, he succeeded, I laughed til I cried.  David looked at me and said, "Really Mom?, do I need to send you to the bank now?"

I'll be glad when Bryson is done with steroids! :)

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