Thursday, February 16, 2012

Back to normal

I'm not sure what 'normal' is, and I know that it's different for everyone.  For the sake of the word though, today should be 'back to normal' for me.

Tuesday I left work early because my son was sick...that turned into running around town, doctors visit, Rx, right?!

Then yesterday (Wednesday) he had to stay home again, so that meant I stayed home with him.  Just getting out of routine seems to mess things up.

I'm not going to call it an unproductive day though because I cleaned out my closet and clothes, did laundry, and cleaned the car.

I do like the 'normal' days though.  Things are more predictable AND that means my baby is feeling better!

I mentioned that I cleaned my car, right?  So, of course it's raining today...should've known!

The kids and I watched Breaking Dawn Part 1 last night.  I was questioning my decision, but apparently they don't understand the subtleties and 'it was really cool' (their words, not mine).  All in all, I think we're good.

We survived Valentine's Day with my daughter and boyfriend.  I was hoping that since this is 5th grade it would be seamless, and it was...whew!

The steroids that my son is on for the croup treatment keep him jacked up, which is so not like him.  I got some videos of him dancing...they are priceless. 

I'm going to try to post them.


I'm Sexy and I Know It (take 1)

I'm Sexy and I Know It (take 2)

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