Sunday, September 30, 2012

Vegan MoFo...

...starts tomorrow!

I'm excited...and you should be too!

At least 20 posts during the month of October related to Vegan food (um, no issue there for me).

I 'want' to post everyday...that is my goal.

I signed up on the LAST day (imagine that), so I am not going to pretend that I'm totally prepared.

The plan is simple...share MY Vegan food daily. 

The burning question from non-vegans is always, 'What DO you eat?',, what better way than to illustrate it (literally)!

There are LOTS of participants, and you can find them here.

Be sure to follow or join the RSS feed here.  I'm in the Healthy and Whole Foods feed by the way ;)

Friday, September 28, 2012

September Vegan Swap

First time participant in the Vegan Swap, and it was FUN!!

If you would like to participate, head on over to the registration page.

Here is what my goodies looked like:

Note from Jannifer, Zico Chocolate Coconut Water, Kamut and Quinoa Pasta, Jalapeno Salt, Seasnax Seaweed, Peanut Butter filled pretzels, and Bobo's Oat Bar

I told her nothing about personal preferences (because I LOVE surprises), and she did fabulous!

Brianna told me, "Mom, if you knew this girl for real, y'all would be friends."  This is solely for the Jalapeno Salt, since I'm a spicy junkie ;)

I loved this opportunity and had a lot of fun participating.  

I cannot wait to read everyone's post about this swap.

Thanks Jannifer for making my first experience wonderful.  Apparently she's not a blogger though, sorry I can't share her with y'all!

Update:  Click here to follow the September Swap and all participants!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Today! 8 Week Challenge Begins

Thanks for those of you that have already signed up!

Look for your Week 1 e-mail to arrive soon.

During this 8 week challenge, I will provide a 'guide', and will be here to assist you...for FREE!

Come join us!

I look forward to working with all of you :)

Join here!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It was like Christmas yesterday!

Two packages in the mail!

First, I got my Vegan Nail Polish from Maria. package came from my first Vegan swap.  It was actually fun preparing the one I sent, but I must admit, I liked opening mine too and not having a clue what to expect!

I've already written the post, but you can check it out on Friday!

I wanna do some kind of challenge for these weeks up until will start on Thursday ;)
Ideas welcome until then!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Learning to Meditate: 5 Simple Steps

Learning to Meditate: 5 Simple Steps

Check out my article at the link above!

Confession:  Remember that time back at the beginning of 2011...I had these lofty writing goals?
Well, I'm sure you realized, but I failed.  In fact, I only wrote 6 things for all of 2011.

So, now it's September 11, 2012...and guess how many articles I've written this year?  Well, that was the 3rd one...geez...slacker!

I want to do better, need to do better, love it when I write...

So, support me, show me some love, and send me 'Healthy Living' article ideas ;)

Tuesday Trade--Cat's September Vegan Swap

Okay, so I'm participating in a Vegan Swap this month!  Cat, over at The Verdant Life organizes this.

I'm very excited!  I've already gotten my recipients information...gluten-free Vegan (she's trying to make me work) and I've given my information to my sender.

I'll be blogging about this later this month when I receive my goodies ;)

In the meantime, I wanted to take some time and check out some of the blogs of the participants, and I thought that it would be a great opportunity to share with all of you!

Sharing the 'about' section (if present, 1st 2 lines) from the blogs:

The Verdant Life
Cat is a writer who really loves to eat. In fact, she's relentless in her passion for good food, environmentally friendly food practices, and wholesome, organic ingredients. She's also a budding photographer...

The Only Vegan I Know

The Snarky Chickpea

Veggie Next Door
Hi, I’m Diana. I’m not a nutritionist, a chef, or even a very good cook for that matter. I’m just a twenty-something Chicago-area girl-next-doortrying to cook up a quick meal after work, or looking for a...

Hello! I am a 27 year old vegan librarian living in Seattle, WA. Being kind to animals, which to me means not eating them (among other things) is important to me. I am trying to navigate being a vegan in a...

I love to travel and write about it. I spend a lot of time cooking and have a blog devoted to my favorite cooking appliance my stand mixer. I am currently adapting to a plant based lifestyle and have...

I am in love with expressing one's personal style at home through decor and design, entertaining, food and drink. I also love writing and great photos (and have a special fondness for parentheses and italics).

I'm a nuclear engineer by degrees, but more of a reliability engineer by practice. I research empirical methods for health monitoring of complex engineering systems. I'm also vegan. These pages will chronicle...

Welcome to my blog! I believe that whatever you do to make yourself happy is worth it. I am always trying to better myself and here you can find goodies that will hopefully help you too!

Have you ever put all your energy into creating something in the kitchen for others only to have them turn their nose up the instant they find out it’s vegan? Recently, I have been cooking for people more...

I'm a vegan, manga addicted, hockey obsessed, video game playing, music nerd with body...

I am a loving wife, mother of 4, grandmother of 3, who loves to cook and eat good vegan food. I became vegan in February 2011 after being vegetarian for 3 years. In addition to my "human" family members...

Jen C. and Jen G. came up with the idea of starting a meal share group to alleviate the pressure of cooking for our households one or two nights per week as well as build community. We've also enjoyed using...

Hi, I’m Hindy! I started this blog as a place to catalog all of the goodies I was cooking up. I love to experiment in the kitchen, and rather than continue pestering all of my buddies with food photos...

Hi there, My name is Nicole. I’m a young professional living in NYC. Back in January 2012, I challenged myself to live a healthier life. Since then, I’ve lost 15 pounds, competed in a half marathon, and become...

Two of my greatest passions are eating good vegan food and traveling the world. I created this blog not only to display the good eats and amazing sights I encounter, but to inspire me to never stop moving. Meat-free...

I’m obsessed with all things plant-based, delicious and beautiful. I make videos about cooking, eating well and travel. When I grow up, I want to have wings.

Hiding out in suburbia – posing as a domesticated housewife. We live in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains and Mt. Rainier National Park in Washington State which helps feed our love of the outdoors.

Kathryn Lovett's Blog
I was a vegetarian for two years before I became vegan in January of 2010. I live near Austin, TX with my non-vegan husband, our French Bulldog, Siberian Husky, two parrots and a variety of saltwater fish. I...

Hi I'm April.  I live in Central Massachusetts with my small family and our dog. I originally lived in Wyoming, and moved to Massachusetts in 2008. I enjoy new hobbies and some would say I am a serial hobbyist...

Hi, I’m Caren, founder of and author of Voodie Girl. I’m Canadian, but I decided to stop doing “the snow thing” in 2006. Now I live in Los Angeles with my husband, coco the pug and a mutt...

Hi there! I’m Barbara, a 30-something Coloradan who enjoys snowboarding, hiking, reading and (obviously) cooking. I’m married to Jason- a wonderful man who, although clinging to omnivore...

A born and raised Minnesotan who defected to Iowa. Welcome to a little glimpse into the good life that Iowa (yes, Iowa!) has to offer. Life in a small town has found a place in my heart and there is always...

Kelly is a 20 something yarn junkie, foodie, gardener, cake-decorating-addict, book-worm, baking queen, who cannot get enough of the outdoors. She has been vegan since early 2009. Since then, she has lost...

I am: Vegan, Wife, Mother of Two, Working full time, Nutritionist, Wanna be Writer, Wanna be Runner
Don't know what I want to be when I grow up...I have a side business as a Nutritional Educator...
Haha!  Slipped that one in on you! ;)

I'm a 24 year old vegan living in Washington DC. I became vegan three years ago when I still was living in Tennessee. There weren't many options for sweets in the town so I taught myself how to make what I...

I'm an artsy fartsy, animal loving, kitchen destroying, movie freak, and a total crazy cat loving weirdo living in the Tampa Bay area of Florida with my boyfriend and furry feline friends.

Welcome! This is a new blog for a new chapter in my life. My previous blog – whereonearth was a travel diary of my adventures and mishaps throughout the world – mostly on a boat, but also on bike, foot, ...

Dianne "Veggiegirl" Wenz is a Holistic Health Counselor, Vegan Lifestyle Coach and Plant Based Diet Nutrition Specialist, as well as an avid cook and baker. She offers group and individual nutrition and...

During college, I waited a whole lotta tables at various restaurants. It was then that I became familiar with the term “86,” which means to remove, end usage, run out of, or take something out or away. For example, ...

Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Facts--You Tell Me--Why Vegan?

E-mail me at


Comment below if you so desire.

I wanna know why you went Vegan and what is your motivation for sticking with it.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tuesday Trivia--Celebrity Tribute

Okay, first the answers to last weeks trivia:  Jared Leto!  That's his band 30 Seconds to Mars...all Vegan!

I think I will take this Celebrity Tuesday to acknowledge Michael Clarke Duncan.

Duncan is most widely known for his role in The Green Mile.

Now, are you wondering why in the heck I would want to mention Michael Clarke Duncan on my blog?!

This...this is why!

I bet no one ever asked him where he got his protein?!

Read the full article and watch the video here: Michael Clarke Duncan: 'I Am a Vegetarian'

My friend Maria

So, let's go back...

Did you ever have someone that you went to school with that you 'just weren't sure about'?...they were different...weren't like you...and you didn't quite know how to take that? find out that you're going to be learning something from them and having to spend time with them...and you're still just not real sure about all of this... get to see a different side of them...

So, let me tell you about my friend Maria :)

That was her...she was 'that girl'...the one I wasn't sure about, the one that didn't fit it, the one that was so different from me...

So, let's fast-forward to today, and go backward...

  • She's has my blog on her blog for a contest, and I've already gotten traffic from I want to share too!
  • I learn more and more things we have in common everyday
  • We're both Vegan...heck yeah
  • She is so freakin' beautiful, and she doesn't even know it 
  • She is wicked smart, and I am thankful that I got to learn from her, had an opportunity to know her, and have re-connected with her
My FAVORITE picture of her...and she had this before it was 'cool'...

Just beautiful!

I've also never told her these you don't mind honey!

Remember...the point of all my rambling...go follow Maria!!  Win cool stuff too!!