Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January Vegan Swap

I received my package from Erica very promptly on January 22nd ;)

Unfortunately she seems to have no blog for which I can share :(

So, here it is January 30th, and I'm looking back over that picture I took when my package first arrived, and the seaweed is now gone (my absolute favorite, I eat it everyday!), the chocolate crisps are halfway gone (those are great with coffee btw), and the garlic dressing has been used as well.  I will confess I was curious about the pumpkin butter and opened it to smell...and it was heaven...but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

I've always been VERY curious about Primal Strips, but was hesitant...but now, I have no excuse...I'm gonna try them!

BIG thanks to Erica for putting a fantastic Vegan box together!

Also, a BIG thanks to Cat for doing all of this!  This has been really fun!

You should sign up here and join us in the next exchange!