Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Well, here it is almost a week since my last post.  Not that I've been doing nothing, but you know...life happens!

Let's see if I can re-cap the last few days:

Thursday:  Work--nothing exciting here
Karate--Bryson got nominated for Master's Training.  I'm not sure that I totally know what this means beside the fact that he now thinks he's awesome and can learn new weapons?!  We find out Saturday.
Dinner at Mellow Mushroom--went to listen to Bryan play an acoustic set there, and it was fun.  My brother Nick came with us too.

Friday:  Work--again nothing exciting here
Dropped Brianna off for a sleepover
David, Bryson and Moody went night fishing
Mom had a night to herself...woo hoo!  I should have been productive, but I did NOTHING!  It was fabulous.  I even called my sister in Korea to catch up.

Saturday:  Time to myself again and went and had my hair colored/cut.
Picked Brianna up from her friends house
Went to an afternoon pool party...had a nice time

Sunday:  Lazy, that's it.  I didn't even go to church with my family.
Sunday night the kids went with Nana/Papa to church and I ran some errands (David worked).

Monday:  We went to the movies with Nana (since Papa was golfing) and saw Kung Fu Panda 2 at the cheap theater.  Sears for some shopping and ended up purchasing a new grill at Home Depot.  Dinner with Nana/Papa and Usry's at Sticky Fingers.  Only to have to come home and study for a test that Brianna 'forgot' about.  Oh well, just another day.

So, here we are on Tuesday and I'm back at work.  That's okay...it's not Monday :)

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