Friday, September 16, 2011

Early Release Day

Yesterday was early release day at school for the kids.  This equates to conference day for parents and teachers.  I had one for Bryson, and of course it was a fantastic report!

The plan was for Brianna to go with a friend to Jump City and David and Bryson were going fishing.  That left me by myself, and I'm really starting to like that time to myself!

Brianna got home about 4 and we rode to Riverside Park so that she could see where they went fishing and play for a bit. 

This was on the way:

The weather did not cooperate, and the boys were pulling out of the water when we got there, so we hung out with them.

Bryson, Brianna, Mr. Cooper, and David
 My handsome man:

See the cooler behind him in the picture?  There were two female black labs there and someone had set the cooler out with water for them.  Brianna was so worried about these dogs!

It's a small world though, came to work today and got to talking to someone and he saw the dogs yesterday and took them home.  Called Brianna to tell her this morning and she was so happy!

Happy Friday Y'all!

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