Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Never joke about future careers

My daughter is pretty consistent in believing that she wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up.  She and two of her friends have elaborate plans for an animal shelter and rescue center.  Hope one of those sets of parents can afford to help them get that off the!

My son has not decided on his career path yet (not that he needs to, but it comes up in conversation).  A few months ago he told us that he wanted to be a Navy Seal?!  Dang LL Cool J and!  When he found out that you had to have a college education, that turned into 'I just want to be a fireman'.  Wow!  2nd grade (at the time) and already has no college plans...great!

So, the other day we are sitting at the table talking about what they want to be when they grow up [yes, again].  Brianna, in the most sarcastic tone, informs me that I know she wants to be a vet (so why the heck did I ask...geez).  Bryson tells me he doesn't know.  Then the fun starts...

I tell Brianna that I think Bryson is going to be an underwear model because he is so cute and loves to run around in his underwear.  He looks at me and asks, "What is that?"  I told him you know, like the pictures in the magazines and catalogs where they wear bathing suits and underwear in Victoria's Secret.  Now, if you could've seen his face, he is really thinking about this.  Brianna was in on the action by then and tells me, "Oh my gosh Mom, my friends are gonna be looking at magazines and be like...Oh my gosh Brianna it's your brother...and I'm gonna be like UGH!"   LOL!  I told her I knew how she felt because all my friends would be patting me on the back saying "I'm so sorry honey".  Bryson is laughing so hard that he's crying at this point.  THEN...he asked me if they had directors.  What?  Does who have directors?  He says the girls in the catalog.  What?  I asked him if he was telling me he wanted to direct girls around in their underwear and bathing suits, and he just shrugged his shoulders...GREAT!!

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