Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Madness-Rambling

So, if you haven't noticed...I'm trying to post more.  Yeah, I'm not making any intentions are always good though!

I've got to figure out if I'm messing up 'scheduled' posts because Friday's didn't show up, and it happened once before too.  I'll figure all of this out!  So yes, I just posted Friday's post...whatever!

Today makes DAY 4 of my friggin HEADACHE!! Ridiculous.  I'm so over this!

No fun stuff to report for the weekend mainly due to working on Saturday and above mentioned headache.  I slept most of the weekend away, but I wasn't miserable then.  Win-Win I guess...catch up on some sleep and not feel miserable while doing so...maybe I shouldn't complain.

Saturday evening the kids and I did manage to go out to dinner and buy some groceries.  We had a good time.

On a totally random note...Hot and Spicy Claussen pickles are absolutely delicious and addicting...and they are almost pickle spear is a serving, ha!

Lately, I've had a lot of questions/concerns come up all around me...from my website survey and from family and friends.  I love being asked questions even if I don't immediately know the answer...having to research something is fun to me...nerdy, I know!  The satisfaction that brings me, to know that people really are curious and simply wonderful.

So...Thank You!

I'm also going to come up with another survey!  Because...that was fun and feedback was wonderful!

Happy Monday Y'all!!

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  1. I made this mistake a few times too, but I think this is what it is: when you schedule a post you need to hit the "publish" button and it will post it during the scheduled time. If you leave it in draft mode it won't do anything.