Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October Vegan Swap

This month, my package came from Julie Manfredi over at The Singin' Vegan

I must Congratulate Julie on the fact that...I have not had ANY of these items before.  That's pretty cool!  We do not have a Trader Joe's where I'm located, so she made me want to go even more!

The only thing I've tried so far is the hot sauce...love it!

This swap has been so fun!  If you wanna participate, register here.  Yeah, I know the holidays are coming, and life is busy...and so does the organizer Cat.  We're taking a break for November and December for that reason!


  1. Yay! I'm pretty excited that I picked things you haven't tried before - hope you enjoy everything!


  2. thats awesome!
    and so is trader joe's =]

  3. Yes Julie, you did a great job...that hot sauce isn't gonna last long btw ;)

    Maria--I'm gonna have to visit a Trader Joe's...just cause! Glad you signed up too! My second month...so fun! I love surprises anyway!