Monday, October 29, 2012

It's that time again...Flu Shots...

Does anyone have an internal battle about flu shots?

I did some research one time and wrote this article:

The Flu Shot: To Get or Not to Get

My job changed a bit, and it is supposedly required for me.

This article matched what went through my head:


...and now it's that time again.


So, do you get a flu shot? Why or Why not?


  1. This is something that I struggled with for some time, as I'm mid-transition myself. My dad had me get it since it's free for our health insurance (something along those lines) and he's worried since I've finally gained the weight I've needed to be "healthy".
    I got the mist a few weeks ago. But after reading about all of those chemicals in them....ew. That's just nasty. I'm not sure if I want to get the flu shot again! Since I've began removing animal products from my diet, I've been ill less and less often. Hopefully that's something that stays the same.

  2. i got the dreaded flu shot... my pediatrician said it was a good idea for everyone in the household to have since i have a very young child. i know it isn't vegan, but seeing how i get every single friggin cold and flu virius that comes thru every winter without fail, i need to make sure he is safe and healthy. i did it for him.

    that being said, i felt like shit for three days afterwards... it was like having the flu without the other symptoms! they dont exactly tell you that lol. suuuuucked.

  3. Thanks for the feedback...I always wonder what other people's opinions and 'actual thoughts' are. Most people are just like...I always get it...or I don't...and have no reason behind their know that infamous...cause that's what I've always done kinda answer. Ugh!

  4. @maria , the fact that you did it selflessly is wonderful. Many people associate veganism with some selfish view but getting the flu shot to keep your son(?) healthy isn't. I hope you're feeling better!
    I think it's really just the shot that has such adverse side effects because with the mist I felt absolutely A-okay afterwards! It's an option to think about for those who don't like shots, or who need the vaccines.