Monday, October 24, 2011

No motivation

I'm in a funk...I have no motivation!

My eating has been crappy, and I still haven't started exercising regularly as I intended to.

Work is still crazy...

No one else is gonna worry about ME, so why am I not worried about ME?!

It's crazy, I know!

I watched Forks over Knives yesterday, and that was a fantastic reminder of why a plant-based diet is the way to go.

I started watching it while the kids were outside playing with Papa, but it was still playing when they came home so this sparked a lot of questions from Brianna.  She is really struggling with decision-making.  I'm trying to play the neutral card and/or devil's advocate because I want whatever decision that she makes to be hers, and I will support that decision.

To get back on the path to better eating (remember Vegan isn't always healthy) I'm going to eat 'something raw' at every meal.  I don't care whether this is fruit and/or vegetables...just something raw/natural.

I'll get back on track...


1.  What do you do when you are lacking motivation? 

2.  Do you have some motivational quotes that you like?


  1. This happens to me a lot! I've fallen off the vegan wagon many times in the last decade due to getting depressed and then losing my motivation.
    I still battle it but maybe this will help,
    1. Go outside, I swear this will make you feel better. I don't know if you can tend to your yard, or look for somewhere to walk around or a park, just make yourself get your shoes on and go out.
    2. Take some liquid vitamins, the days I remember to do this I feel sooo much better!
    3. Call your mom or dad, I know this sounds weird but when I talk to them and remember how wacko they are I get inspired to be better than that, like being vegan or green or whatever. Don't get me wrong they are good deep down but they seem so ignorant or unwilling to do anything.
    4. Try to find people who like what you do. This is a hard one for me because I live in Vegas and I'd be more likely to find people like me in oregon or san francisco but they are around and when I'm lucky enough to meet up with one and have a interesting conversation it's very motivating
    hope this helps ;-)

  2. I haven't fallen off the "Vegan wagon" as you put it...just not making healthy food choices in general. Vegan junk food really...non-nutrient dense foods!

    Your ideas are good...I live in GA, so not a very Vegan-friendly area either...I understand.

    Thanks for the comment :)

  3. oh I didn't mean you, I meant I fall off when I get unmotivated, I guess I should have worded that different...its funny how saying something and typing it can sound so different.
    When I get sad, stressed or bummed I tend to want a cheese croissant or a hot fudge sundae and hence my falling off the wagon on occasion. It usually makes me feel worse in the end :-P

  4. Got ya...yeah, hard to 'hear' your typing :)