Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

It's hard to believe that today is actually Halloween!  I'm Halloween'd out!  (although I'm sure that's not a word?!)

The kids dressed up on Friday to go to school as that is when they did all of their Halloween activities.  Guess they wanted a 'normal' week this week?!  Who knows?

Friday night both the kids went to a Halloween party at a friends house.  Apparently parents were invited too, but I did not read the invitation like that...oops!  So, David and I ran errands and went out to eat :)

Saturday morning Brianna had a fall festival at the girl scout camp...I dropped off a 'dark angel' and came back with Cindy Lou Who dressed as a dark!

While she was at the fall festival, I rode out to watch the Region AAA Drama Competition at Cross Creek High and cheer on Harlem!  The show was great, and I had a nice time.

The boys went 'hunting'.  They didn't see anything, and this is the only photo, you decide!

Brianna has had this 'pumpkin project' since Wednesday that is just about to drive me insane!  She took a basket to school on Wednesday so that she could get her 'baby pumpkin' to take care of.  I'm thinking no big deal...well, we had to deal with this until today!  Not only did she get a baby pumpkin, but she actually got twins, thanks teachers!  So, Jack and Jill have been going everywhere with I said, driving me insane!
Here they are Saturday night:

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