Friday, October 21, 2011

iPhone Panic

So, I've been meaning to put all of my music on one computer for a while so that I could dump everything into the laptop.  I managed to start this process the other night by burning a DVD of all the music off my desktop computer.  Last night, I decided I would load all of that on my laptop then sync my iTunes to my phone.  No problem!

For those of y'all that don't have an iPhone, the sync has to be done prior to any phone updates.  I got all my music and was so excited.

All of my iPhone updates have been no big deal, so I decided (at 11pm) last night to go ahead and download and install the updates.  The countdown began, and it was gonna take an I left it going and went to bed.

I 'thought' I had set an alarm to wake me up about an hour later to check on it, but I either slept through it or just didn't do it?!

At 3am I woke up on my own and went to check on it.


My entire phone was re-set and NOTHING was on it?!  I think I stopped breathing!

So, as calmly as I could in my groggy state, I decided that a re-store should work, and I had just synced everything so all should be well.

Well, I went back to sleep and when I got up this morning, I had to work this dang thing like a brand new phone.  Set-up and everything!  This was more than just an update, I think it loaded a whole new operating system on the dang thing!

Panic aside, all of MY info and pictures are still there, so I guess I'm good.

I need a new manual though because this phone is now crazy different!

All this for my music...sanity must occur!

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