Monday, January 31, 2011


So, home today with not one but TWO sick children!  My living room is covered in blankets and tissue and my kitchen counters hold Children's Tylenol, Motrin, Delsym, and the ear thermometer (along with the paper for me to keep track of each child's temp and medicine...whew).  We are currently starting our third box of tissue also.

What fun!

We have watched movies, TV shows, and now NCIS On Demand...I guess the kids get tired of kids shows too...thank goodness.

They still seem to have an appetite and they are drinking, so I'm still hoping this is short lived.  Everyone says that the flu is already going around and is pretty bad, but I think mine just have the 'crud'.

So, we are officially one has even gotten dressed today, but it is a dreary day so I guess it could be worse.

As for me, I said that I was going to be productive today (since I would be home) and pump out some much needed articles.  Well, it's 215pm, and I've published none.  I'm about halfway through writing one, but no where near the goal of 4 that I had today.

The Meetup group that I started wanted to have a meetup tonight at 6pm, and now I'm not sure if I will be able to attend that.  Pretty bad when the organizer misses out, but my children do come first.

Hopefully I will have more positive news/updates later.

Update @ 1020pm:  Still have two children with fever :(
I still have not submitted any articles :(
All in all, a blah day!

Kids will not be going to school again tomorrow, but hopefully they are staying home with dad, and I can have some level of normal.  I may have to start tanning so I can relax!  I miss that feeling.

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