Friday, January 28, 2011

Hat Day Friday...

Yesterday, I made it through work, cooking/eating dinner, and homework (lots of math) with Brianna...but at 7pm when I sat down, I was done.  Slept til this morning.

Bryson has croup.  He sounded horrible this morning.  He sat in the bathroom with me while I took a shower to breathe in the steam, and that seemed to help a bit.  He hasn't had breathing problems with croup in a LONG time.  Usually it's just a cough.  I was not sure why he was so insistent on going to school, but then I found out.  Today is hat day at school.  The kids can pay $1 that goes to Relay for Life.  Well, Bryson likes to go all out on hat day.  So, today he is wearing a button down collar shirt, blue jeans, cowboy boots, belt with big belt buckle, and a cowboy hat...LOL!  Love that kid!

My 'girly' daughter is wearing her camo ball cap...LOL!

Tonight Brianna is going to her friend Brittany's house to spend the night, David is working, and Bryson and I are having pizza and video game night.

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