Friday, May 3, 2013


HELP (Healthy Eating and Leaving Pleased) 

Okay, remember back when I posted the March Vegan Cuts and I said I was going to start reviewing?

Well, obviously THAT didn't happen, and now I've already gotten my box for April Vegan Cuts.

Reviewing is something that I've wanted to do.

I love reading reviews, but never return the favor.  I want to do it for products, for restaurants...whatever.

I decided that I must start, why not start with breakfast?!

I know, I know...don't judge me!

Anyway, there is a post to follow.

I've decided to categorize these reviews as HELP (Healthy Eating and Leaving Pleased) because as much as I propose healthy eating, if it's not good...I'm not eating it.  Food should be pleasurable as well (which tends to include unhealthy eating sometimes...again, don't judge).

Keep me accountable!!

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