Friday, May 3, 2013

HELP: Clif Bar Chocolate Chip

Clif Bar: Chocolate Chip

Listed Nutrition Facts

Calories:          230
Fat:                  4.5g     40.5     16%
Carbs:              43g      172      68%    
Protein:            10g      40        16%
(Percentages shown are based on ‘actual’ calories of 252.5) 

Based on ratio of 50-30-20, this bar is pretty balanced.  Perhaps a little high in carbohydrates, but it IS called an energy bar.


· Organic Brown Rice Syrup

· ClifPro

   o Soy Rice Crisps

     § Soy Protein Isolate

     § Rice Flour

     § Barley Malt Extract

   o Organic Roasted Soybeans

   o Organic Soy Flour

· Organic Oats

· Organic Toasted Oats

   o Organic Oats

   o Organic Dried Cane Syrup

   o Ascorbic Acid

   o Natural Vitamin E (Antioxidant)

· Chocolate Chips

   o Dried Cane Syrup

   o Unsweetened Chocolate

   o Cocoa Butter

   o Soy Lecithin

   o Vanilla Extract

· Organic Cane Syrup

· ClifCrunch

   o Organic Oat Fiber

   o Apple Fiber

   o Inulin (Chicory Extract)

   o Organic Milled Flaxseed

   o Psyllium

· Organic Date Paste

· Organic Soy Butter

   o Organic Roasted Soybeans

   o Organic Soybean Oil

   o Salt

· Organic Sunflower Oil

· Molasses Powder

· Sea Salt

· Natural Flavors

· Cinnamon 

Now, that is way more ingredients than I would normally recommend, but you can actually READ them all, and KNOW what they are.

So, it’s relatively balanced and has a decent ingredient list (for a processed food), and it tastes good.  There’s the real reason, it tastes good.

Hi, my name is Leslie, and I have texture issues so I am going to try to describe it for you.

It’s very similar to a chewy granola bar, minus the crumbly part.  It’s pretty gooey (for lack of a better word) and stays together.  This makes it a perfect on-the-go choice if you don’t want crumbs all over you (or the car).

Remember, the flavor is Chocolate Chip, and it is pretty sweet.

So, the conclusion for me is:

·                     It’s Vegan
·                     I like it
·                     It’s a great ‘convenience’ food that’s relatively healthy
Have you tried this particular energy bar before?  What did you think?

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