Thursday, August 25, 2011

I've always heard that time flies...

People have always said, 'Time flies'!  I think you begin to understand this term once you're grown.  The entire time I was young it seemed that there was always something to look forward to.  There were, dating, driving, etc.  Once I had children that phrase became even more true.  I'm still not sure how I currently have a 10 and an 8 year old?!  What the heck happened?

I read blogs daily.  Have I mentioned that I'm a blog stalker?! 

Do I keep up with mine, no!

I decided to look at mine today, and do you know what I found out?  I haven't posted ANYTHING since July 8th?  What?  It's August 25th!

Oh, and those lofty goals I had for 2011 for posting my articles--Well, I haven't even submitted an article since February.  So, only 4 articles for all of 2011.  Crazy!  I've even got some fabulous ideas, just haven't taken the time to do them.  Such a procrastinator!

I'm not making any promises, just sharing my realization. 

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