Monday, August 29, 2011

Favorite blogs

It's Monday.  Which makes it a blah day by default.  I look forward to one bloggers post today though, and today, she did not disappoint.  That being said I thought I should share some of my favorite blogs that I enjoy reading.

First of all, this needs to be looked at:  Magnificent Men of Monday August 29, 2011 Edition.

Blogs that I enjoy:

  1. Obviously, from the post above, Cely at Running off the Reese's is fabulous.  I love her humor and the way that she includes pictures (with captions) that are just too funny!
  2. Kris Carr is fabulous as well over at Crazy Sexy Life.  She has many guest posts as well that are always wonderful to read.
  3. One of the first blogs that I started reading regularly was Peas and Thank You.  I am envious of this Vegan Supermom and all that she has accomplished now with her first book publishing!
  4. Liz over at One Twenty Five just intrigues me.  I'm not even sure what it is, but she is just adorable (check out her video blogs too) and I'm envious of her plans to travel the world.
I like to read my sister's as well over at A Duck on the Run, but that's just because I'm all in her business!  What else are big sisters for?!

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