Monday, April 2, 2012

I have good intentions...promise

It's April...I posted once in March, and that was on March 1st.

I'm slack...I know!  I can't believe that just 'thinking' about blogging doesn't work...shameful!

I'm feeling good today.  As opposed to yesterday, where I felt like I could've chopped my legs off and been happy.  More on that in a minute.

I've kept up with 'monthly' weight loss and without much effort (probably my lack of French fries and sweet tea) I lost 4.8 lbs!  That's good motivation.  Summer is coming fast!

So, I looked back over my numbers today...that brings me to a total of 44.2 lbs lost since start and 33.8 lbs lost since last March...pretty remarkable.  Makes me feel all accomplished!  Plus I'm liking the way my clothes are fitting.

Okay, so...this was supposed to be my year of 'fitness'...lets just say I put the 'pro' in procrastination!

Anyway...March 31st...2 days ago...I took the Insanity Fitness Challenge.  Let's just say, I know why Insane is implied in this workout now...and I haven't even started the workout!
I should've done the first 'official' workout yesterday, but I just couldn't do, it should be today!  My legs were killing me!  I'm not fit...things look so much easier than they actually are, and in my head I think I'm still young and fit...what the heck happened?!

I want to be stronger, more fit...not just be able to jog...

So, here's to 60 days.  I'm tracking my progress (privately) and hope to 'see' some visual results as well as see the numbers on my fit test get better.

If I get progress like I want, I may decide to share when this is over.  For now, I'm keeping it all to myself!

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